The Toronto Jewish Mission was founded in 1894. A group of ladies got together in 1888 and prayed for a mission to the Jews, for their conversion. In 1894 Rev Dr. Parsons preached to a capacity audience of Jews for two hours in Knox Presbyterian Church on Queen Street. This was the first known organized gospel witness to the Jews of Toronto.

A committee was formed and the group of praying ladies merged in to the new organization as the “Prayer Circle for Israel.” A constitution was drawn up from which the following are extracts:


This Society shall be known as The Toronto Jewish Mission.

Its objective shall be missionary and evangelistic work among the Jews of the City of Toronto and elsewhere in Canada, and to increase among Christians an interest in Jewish missions generally.


The Toronto Jewish Mission after 123 years is the oldest continuous ministry to the Jewish people in Canada. The prayer meetings had a short lapse of 3 years in 1931. It also lapsed in 2013 for 3 years but has now started up again.


The Toronto Jewish Mission was first Located in “The Ward” (College to Queen, University to Yonge) among the poor and new immigrants. This is where most of the Jews lived. After moving around various locations in downtown Toronto the    In 1963 the Mission moved to North York, to a store front on Wilson Ave. near Bathurst St. In 1971 Victory Gospel Church donated its building at 764 Sheppard to the Mission. Due to the rising costs of maintaining the building, it was sold in 2002.  The offices were moved to Willowdale Baptist Church until these too were closed in 2016. The ministry operates in the field, on the street and in Churches today.

Henry Singer: the first superintendent - missionary 1906

Open air witness - 1945

New Covenant store front ministry  1966-1972

New Covenant house