The primary purpose of Toronto Jewish Mission is to share the belief that Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah of Israel; with as many as possible, with a priority to the Jewish people.


 It also exists to empower the Church with Jewish sensitivities and sensibilities to do the same.Primarily every believer must be equipped to  “Always be prepared to give a defence.” of what he or she believes.


 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek".     (Romans 1:16)



I was born and raised in a middle class Jewish family here in Toronto.  My family was traditional and not at all religious. As a teenager I rebelled against God and chose to call myself an atheist, proclaiming; “God is a creation of man, man is not a creation of God.” As I pursued wealth and happiness in various businesses I came to realise that helping other people made me much happier than money.

I had a life changing epiphany as an adult, and came to know Jesus as my Messiah.  I now say; “if Jesus is the Christ of the Church, then He is the promised Messiah of Israel. If Jesus is not the promised Messiah of Israel He is not the Christ,” for they are one and the same in the scriptures. “

After following my heart for a few years doing missionary work in Kenya, I answered the call on my life. “Sharing with Jewish people.” I now serve as a full time missionary and am leading the Toronto Jewish Mission. In addition to sharing with Jewish people directly I love to teach others how to share the Gospel with Jewish people and with others of the world. My wife Esther supports me in all my work and often volunteers her time to help. She has a heart for Jewish people and their salvation. Her gift of hospitality is second to none.